How do your Supplement rates compare?

(Female) Plan G Plan N High Ded G (Male) Plan G Plan N High Ded G
Mutual Age 65 $91 $71 $29 $103 $80 $33
Mutual Age 70 $79 $90 $32 $115 $89 $36

(* Rates include 12% discount – Must live with person 60 or older)

(Female) Plan G Plan N High Ded G (Male) Plan G Plan N High Ded G
Aetna Age 65 $90 $66 $40 $103 $76 $46
Aetna Age 70 $95 $74 $42 $109 $85 $49

** Monthly Rates are (Non-Smoker) and are subject to change for zip codes 297**

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Medicare Supplemental Plans are designed to cover most of the gaps after what Medicare A or B pays, including deductibles, co-insurance, and other out of pocket cost. We specialize in finding the best Medicare Supplement Policy¬†for our clients by shopping among the best carriers and finding a plan that best suits each individual client’s coverage and budget needs

At Advantage Insurance we represent a number of quality carriers such as BCBS of SC , Cigna, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, and Central States. We believe that we can be serve the community of Rock Hill and York County.

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